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    I really wanted to know what should i do on a weak team,for example, im in league with Chelsea and the guy in Fulham has a team almost better than mine, how did he sell so many players so fast, there’s no fulham player there, we’re on GW 14, im trying to sell willian and giroud since GW 1
    Is there any type of trick or what?
    How can they change their team so fast?
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  • @miguelvc04 There are a lot of things to consider. In general, it is easier to sell low value players than higher value ones. This becomes quite significant as a league progresses. A weaker team can exploit this to a great extent. I have seen this a lot of times; mid-table or relegation teams able to get rid of their players much faster than top teams.

    The stronger teams need to be smart with their transfers. Your players are already high valued. So you need to set an agreeable transfer fee to make any sort of progress. I would suggest selling them at 10-15 mill more than their market value if their market value is 15 mil+ for example. If it's less than 15 mil, then you can pretty much sell them at twice their value, or maybe a little less. But this is just a very rough estimate, something else might work for you too.

    One more strategy is retaining all of your younger players and training them. This will probably take a bit of grafting, and can be impractical for really short leagues. But this is very effective in longer leagues.

    You need to be aware of what's happening in your league, especially with all the transfers. Even after building a good squad, you cannot stop re-investing in the market. You must observe, buy cheap and sell big. Otherwise you cannot stay competitive. The main factor for team building, according to me at least, is being opportunistic, especially with the bargain transfers and the like. That's the only thing (apart from boss coins ofc 😜 ) that will help you build a strong squad.

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    @tony-alvera I’m asking this because at the moment I’m in two premier leagues, one at Chelsea and the other at palace, and on both of them Fulham has the team fully changed and has ridiculously good players
    On palace even tho I’m selling some players I still haven’t enough money to good ones and my team is quit short at the moment and there are no good players to buy

  • @miguelvc04 As far as transfers go, you can only do so much to make it happen. In fact, the only thing we can do is set a decent fee and wait for lady luck. The more reasonable your transfer fee is, the luckier you are. At least that's how it works most of the times.
    Fulham's scenario is completely feasible. Sometimes the players get just that bit more lucky. I has happened both with me and against me. But I cannot comment much on this particular case without knowing the specifics. There are a few possibilities. Maybe he was extra lucky? Or perhaps he used boss coins for quick sell and scouted good players? Maybe both.

    The basis of squad building is pretty simple: Buy, sell, re-invest, repeat. That's pretty much what I stick to. But I can give you one one more thing, might work, might not: At the end of every day, remove you unsold players from the transfer-list and post them again, this time at a price just a bit lower than the last time. This has been strangely successful whenever I hit a wall, so to speak, with regards to transfers. But we're just grasping at straws at this point 😅