• Is it allowed to make a website where you can search for the best for your team if I made the database myself?

  • @daandg_nl Hi, welcome.
    It's not allowed unless you'll get an official okay, so best thing you can do is contact either nl support team or en support team by email: NL.support@onlinesoccermanager.com
    or EN.support@onlinesoccermanager.com

    Keep in mind not to sent emails to both addresses at same time, they will forward it to the correct departement and it will be handled from there.

  • @daandg_nl

    Hello and welcome to the Osm Game & Forum. 🙂
    I read your first post too so my regards to your friend as well. Welcome both of you guys.
    About your request , first of all I must thank you for this is a very kind and thoughtfull offer coming from your side. 🤝
    Secondly I have to inform you about this matter. You see , Osm used to have its own database in the past in the form of an official game Scoutlist . But for a number of reasons this way of scouting was not always 100% effective and productive.
    That's why the game devers created a new form of scoutung as we see it today which provides multiple criteria and the chance for each manager to find exactly what he is looking for without spending valuable time searching on his own through databases.
    Nowadays the Scout does the research for you and returns with 3 players of your preferences so that you can choose who to purchase for your squad. 😉