• Hello,

    I've got a problem. I've already completed the European map, but when I logged in this morning, the world domination was at 41% (supposed to be at like 55%) and the European at 74% (supposed to be at 100% of course). Additionally (probably correlated to this problem), many seasons I've played disappeared. It now shows 39 completed seasons, 35 titles and 27 cups, but it is supposed to be like 52 completed seasons, 47 titles and like 40 cups. However, the amount of games I played is correct. I hope you could help me out.

    Thanks in advance,


  • Same problem here... had 100% europa and now it says 37% ... and by expert it says i al ready unlocked europa for 100% ... i felt back from 87% to 37% for the world.
    How is this possible ?

  • Dutch Users

    Same here!

  • Russian Users

    I have the same problem, if you find a solution please report.

  • This is a collateral damage of an implementation we did this morning.

    Seasons are not gone, they are just not listed 👍

    This is being fixed and it will take some time until it's fixed for all users. By the end of the week all users should have it fixed!