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    While the scoring system provides the best points to the best technicians during the season, especially to the cup and / or league champions, in some leagues this system gives better score to teams that suffer the goal between the first 5 than teams that they have as goal the position 7 or lower in the table, which makes me think that this system should be improved to benefit those who really work hard on their teams.
    Now putting my problem in a personal way, the goal of my club is the 7th place and I am in the 3rd place however I have two teams on top of me, one of them as well as I have +4 in their goal (Ajax has the goal 10 ) while United has the goal of the 4th place and has a better score than me despite being below me and having lost the direct duels against me.
    The purpose of my topic is to please reconsider the scoring system in the leagues.

  • English Moderator

    Hello mate and thanks for your thoughts....the scoring system isn't that easy...maybe the team with goal 4, has won much more games against teams managed by human and not computer....maybe those teams had even better goal than him....but your thoughts will be taken under consideration....😉