• Ok.So the problem goes like this: What happens when you don't manage your team for one day?I didn't today and my players range is 90-103 and they have full M and F.I played with a team without manager and all players were low red on M and F with max player range reaching 90.And I lost.I get it that this is the simulator and ,,everything is possible in football".I get that.But the chances for me to lose in the situation described are alomst 0.So why did I lost? Are you convicted to fail if you don't login?

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    When you don't login for a day or couple of days your assistant takes charge of the team. He doesn't do anything spectacular though, since he only follows some set pattern. He won't change your line up, formation and tactics but will fill any empty positions in your lineup with players of that position and if there are no players available/eligible for the position he automatically fields in an available/eligible player into the empty slot regardless of the players position. He only replaces players who are suspended or injured, he doesn't care about players fitness or moral so long as they're eligible he fields them in the line up.

    Regarding why you lost; not login on is probably one of the reasons but not necessarily the only reason. As has been said severally here on forums, because you have the stronger team and biggest squad value isn't a guarantee that you will win every game. Like I said earlier, there are many factors that determines whether we'll win draw or lose a game.