Boss Coins Surveys Are Scams.

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    After many many questions (the survey) you will be told that you are ineligible for the survey or you will be asked for personal information, do not give your phone number, I have been harassed for 3 days and counting now over a £1000 TV that I have apparently won.

    Why does this keep getting removed OSM? Is the "Earn Boss Coins Scam" meant to be a secret?

  • @1merlin1 Hello there and welcome to the World forum and OSM game. 🙂

    After reading this post of yours I need to kindly ask of you not to make such accusations when you are not aware of the facts.
    OSM can be responsible only for certain bonus / free Boss Coins that have to do with the actual football game.
    All offers that we find at our Business Clubs have nothing whatsoever to do with OSM and GBs but are entirely responsibility of the Sponsors providing them and they also differ from one country to another.

    On this topic called Common Questions you can find out what we can do whenever we miss a reward for a certain offer coming from the Business Club :

    So please read and learn about what OSM does offer as bonuses, rewards etc to every active manager on this topic :

    ☝ @Edward17_2 I believe this one interests you too Edward. 😉

    Thank you! 🤝