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    I have recently finalized a season with Liverpool and have managed to create a squad with value of over 2 billion.
    I also won the championship.
    It is said to see that there is no achievement for this.
    I am raising this not to get more coins but to make the game more attractive. I think that having more achievements, especially achievements that are hard to reach but you have control over, will make the game more interesting.
    One good example of achievements that are hard to reach but are under your control are the 10k manager points.
    One example of achievements that are not under your control is the 'Lucky Shot'. I have finalized 13 seasons and I am under the impression that I can play another 50 and still not be able to do it, no matter what I do.


  • I think there are enough achievements. If you want to complete more achievements you have got to try hard. For example there are continent domination achievements and it's not that hard except Europe.

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    Indeed there are some 'hard to do' ones and they are very welcomed.
    What I am saying is that having for example one achievement at 1 billion, another one at 2 billions and another one at 2.5 billions will make people invest MORE in the game. The 1 billion one is a nice one as I see now managers trying to grow their teams. In the leagues I've played so far, most of the managers were not even trying to grow their team value but only rely on the tactics. What's the point then?
    Just saying and thanks for your input.