Incorrect (?) manager points display

  • Hey I'm having a little trouble wrapping my head around this, so I finished a season with wolves and I get more than 3000 manager points that are displayed on my profile and counted into the ranking, now after finishing a season with paraenense (4900 points), now instead of having 8,5k managers points that counted in the ranking, and were displayed on the manager profile, I just have the 4900 manager points from my last season, why did this happen?

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    Looking at your manager profile i see that your manager points are correct as can be seen on this screenshot.
    Each slot has it's own manager points and ranking and when the season ends the manager points gained are automatically added to the respective slot that was used to play the league. As you can see here as well.

  • I'm talking about this section in the image below, does manager points get counted differently there?

    See here

    Image is not showing dunno why :

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    @sergiu-il Yes, it does! The image you posted is for the OSM ranking.

    All 4 manager slots are in the OSM ranking (Managers have four slots in the OSM ranking) which represents the four slots separately. As you can see on that image your slot 3 is the one that is shown on the ranking because it currently has the highest manager point more than your other slots so it's the one that is displayed.

    Bottom line, OSM Ranking is calculated separately on all slots and not based on overall total manager points earned on every slot.

  • Thanks for the explanation, could you give a more succint answer on how ranking is calculated? If I want to climb up the ranking what do I need to do? I'd like an insight explanation for this one if possible

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    @sergiu-il Mate, just take a look at these topics below and you'll get how the manager points system works and how you can earn a lot of manager points in a season.