Buying/Selling for profit.

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    When you buy players just to sell on for a profit do you start losing games as a consequence?

  • Not at all. If you feel that is happening to you it must be just accidental or a coincidence.

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    I am certain that this was the case many years ago when I used to play this game and had forgotten about it until I recently sold 2 players for profit for the first time soon after buying them, I have since earned just 1 point from 3 games against much weaker sides. I have a 560m squad value and have had at least 5 world stars in the starting line up for each game.

    Before buying/selling for profit: played:6 won:5 drew1 lost:0 Total goals: 15 - 1.
    Since buying/selling for profit: played:3 won:0 drew:1 lost:2 Total goals: 0 - 4.

    General squad fitness has not changed.

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    Buying and selling players doesn't affect the way a team performs....tactics is what matters and using the profit of the sellings, to make a team stronger....