• I played the game a few years ago. Is it that you just play one season and then have to change teams ?

    I could never understand why you trained players then

  • Hello @Tonyh1967

    yes thats right.. When one season is over, you can start a new one.
    Every 4 hours you can work out a new player (keeper, defense, midfield and forward) and this for free - when you work out faster with boss coins when youre players will be excellent - and you have a great team.
    So you see that work out players for one season its a good idea.

    best regards

  • Hello! You can play multiple seasons with the same team, since OSM is a one season type of game, when you restart the season you'll have player ratings updated, objectives updated, to match real life, while loosing all your season progress.

    That's why you need training, you have an entire season to beat opponents, so you'll train your players in order to have a stronger team and better chances of winning.

    You can play with the same team, simply when the season ends, instead of changing countries, choose the same country and team.

    If you have peaked into achievements you'll notice that there's two type of achievements that are related to this.

    1- Club Legend reach your objective with the same club 5 times - 100 bc
    2- Loyalty manage in one league for 10 seasons - 400bc


  • Italian Moderator

    you have to train player because otherwise you will never can win your single league

  • English Moderator

    Thank you all...