payment failure... where can i find help desk?

  • hi...

    i tried to buy boss coins but my icloud didn't allow to because i had to confirm my icloud password. But it didn't respond
    so after a few tries i decided to buy the boss coins through the osm website. A day later i got 6 PayPal bills for tomorrow, i didn't count on this cause it was never said the transaction was succesfull. Furthermore i didn't even get the bosscoins for those bills so i would really appreciate some help guys… is there anybody who can help me with this? dont want to pay 64 euros for this game because i already invested a shit load of money.


    Bas Bakens_1

  • English Moderator


    you can send an email to with a clear explanation of the problem in Dutch language and also include your manager name and proof of payment in the mail.