• I still haven’t received my 2763 Boss Coins for getting 40 points on the Basketball Games app, an offer by ironSource. I’ve followed all the instructions, was on a strong internet connection without VPN and still no reward. Maybe it’s because of the size of the reward that they’re so reluctant to give me it for all my hard work?
    ![0_1552555494446_641BB352-FC1A-4A6C-959C-CEE0F1446537.png](Uploading 100%)

  • Moderator NL


    Offers from Business Club are responsibility of our partners. You can check the status of your offers on every offer wall by clicking on the Support/Missing coins link that you can find on the bottom of that page.

    You can also contact our partners and explain the problem.

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    @john-turner-69 Hi,
    Just as has been stated above, and can be found in our most Common-questions topic you have to contact our partners for this issue.