how to fix epson printer error code 0xe5?

  • Recently I bought a new printer but after a few days, my printer showed an error Epson printer error code 0xe5 when connecting my printer with wifi. This is really strange for me and at that time I have no idea how to solve the error, after alot of research I did not get any proper solution yet. so, I really want a proper solution to solve this error as soon as possible.

  • Error message 0xe5 can arise in your Epson printer due to several reasons. The most common reasons are virus or malware attack, failure of the printer driver software, improper printer installation and hardware failure. Paper jamming, fault on the encoder strip, etc. are also responsible for this error code to appear on your printer. As soon as this error code appears in your Epson printer, the device starts performing slowly, freezes too often, etc. The printing quality of your Epson printer also decreases and the connected computer system starts
    crashing frequently.

    They suggest on of the following steps:

    Check whether there is any fault on the encoder strip and clean it thoroughly with a dry cotton cloth
    Inspect whether there is any paper jamming issue in your printer as it might cause error code 0xe5 to appear. Remove all paper scraps or any other foreign object which is stuck inside the printer
    Inspect whether the printer belt is well seated or not
    Check if there is any damage on the main board
    Inspect if the printer driver is properly installed or not

    If the steps above don't work I'd suggest you contact their support on:

    Good luck

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