• Hi.Boss coin videos are stucking everytime and i can't pass to the next video.The screenshot is like this:https://ibb.co/dLRCDyc

  • @destroyerboy007
    Hello and welcome to the Osm game & forums. 🙂
    I've just tried to watch my 3 videos at the Business Club and I did get the 3 Boss coins.
    I saw exactly the same thing that your picture shows ... Look at my screenshots please ..

    It started as this :

    alt text

    Then it showed a black screen and after a few seconds a tiny X appeared at the top right corner of the video. ( do not click on that X )

    alt text

    I didn't touch anything , there was no sight or sound playing , but I only waited few seconds each time I clicked on the TV screen to watch a commercial. But in the end , the blank video closed itself and the Boss Coin was added for me.

    alt text

    So what I need you to do now is to try again to watch videos , wait for the screen to close on its own after few seconds and you will see the new coin being added for you.

    Note Please before you start this make sure you take a good look at your existing Boss Coins , so that you can be sure of the change in total.