How do I make a league with friends as fun as possible?

  • I'm planning to host a league with some friends, some of which have never played this game before. I want to somehow limit the transfer window so that the teams(my friends) all have a somewhat equal opportunity to win or at least perform decent enough to get on the upper half of the league table. We will choose a smaller league with maybe 10-16 teams (maybe Australia, Qatar etc.) So we also want to make the transfer realistic for these teams. And we will also be betting money for the extra SPICE 😎

    Can anyone recommend me some fun rules to make the league more realistic and exciting? I want this experience to be as fun as possible!

  • English Moderator


    Good to hear you want to create your own league, but note that it is impossible to limit the amount of transfers in the league unless you disable the option of transfers completely via the advanced tools while setting up your league. Or you can play one of the leagues without transfers.
    As regards rules and recommendation, this is you and your friends choice to make since it is your league and you decide what works for you and your friends.