Meaning of: "I would really start to question the conversion of your strikers"

  • I've been getting this message after several games and don't know what it means or what I should do about it If someone could help that would be great as I am currently considering changing all my strikers.

    My strikers are not bad they are 90/24, 90/24, and 80/32, which is slightly above league average. They also have green morale and green or dark green fitness.

  • @tarifa_3 it means the rate of goals scored to chances taken is low. Let's say for example one goal every 10 - 15 chances.

    Do keep in mind the commentary is scripted and strikers should not be judged on goals alone. Look at criticism of Salah IRL who has allowed for space for Mane and still scored well but not at the rate of last season.

  • @tarifa_3 Hello & welcome to the World forum . 🙂

    So you were wondering about the words of the Commentators that you read while watching your Match Experience.

    alt text

    Now take a look at the 2 pictures below please.
    The cards of 2 different players.

    alt text

    Each player gets to have two different ratings .
    The first one has to do with the player's power/ skills , e.g. a Forward like Di Maria on the pic has attacking skills at 92% and defending skills at 45% ! On a first look he looks amazing ! Right? 😄
    The second rating that every player gets, has to do with his individual Performance at each match round that he gets to play.

    Please look at the second picture for the word Rat(ing) , under the Mor(ale) of the player's card. You can see that Larsson's rating ( aka match performance evaluation ) is a nine ( 9 ) ! Which is brilliant and exactly what you'd wish for any player to have. Right? 😉

    alt text

    Di Maria shows zero ( 0 ) rating only because he hasn't yet played in any round .

    So as I see it , no matter how high the skills of a player might be and assuming that the manager uses the right Style of Play and tactics if the player gets a really low rating due to bad performance at the field ( like a 5 or 6 etc ) round after round then it probably means that the manager should start thinking of replacing this player , put him on sale at the TL ( TransferList ) and try to buy a new striker. Hopefully one who will perform much better during the following matches. 🤷

    What do you guys think about this matter ? 🤔 Would be nice to have more opinions about it. 👍

  • I agree in principal with @SUPERNOVA-8 but wanna make a couple of points.

    • Don't just judge a striker on goals, that performance rating is important

    • Consider putting your player on the bench, training them and bringing them back

    • Likewise it may be your formation or style doesn't suit the player or you are playing them not in their natural position

    I will give a good example of this - months ago I had Martial as a center forward (CF) and his average rating was 6.5. So I put him on the transfer list. As I could not sell him after 3 days I returned him to the squad and trained him. Once I brought in Gomez as a CF I tried Martial on the right wing. He improved to the point of being my best striker for games/goals ratio though Gomez was my top scorer.