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    I have a problem with the game engine. In one game 3 of my players get injured and suspended. One guy gets 6 games out. That happens. The other players gets suspended for 6 games for calling the doctor of the other team names. That's is not only discouraging, it is downright ridiculous. No player in real life gets suspensions like that and it's already the second time in the same season which is not even halfway. Suspensions should be normal and not weird like this. One other player was suspended for one game, and now after the game is done, he's still suspended for one game. This is very, very unpleasant.
    Angry manager

  • @bibo-berkenbastbinder_nl Hello 🤝

    Seems like you need some drastic changes around your tactics and line ups, that is the reason you keep on getting red cards and injuries, which is quite disappointing.

    Please reconsider using some tactics which are less aggressive

  • Hi, welcome.

    The awnser above is correct, but also keep in mind that the cards are correct, but the lines that come with it are random.