• Hi, I've already created a post about this topic but I think I posted it in the wrong forum.

    So my mates and I recently started playing this game. We have unlocked Crews now, but none of us really knows what this is. I've read that you can have Crew battles, can anyone explain what Crews is and what benefits you have from being in one? 🙂

  • @qurigh Hello Benni ! 😄

          About Crew Life 

    Each manager on OSM has the option to:
    a) either play solo and choose leagues to manage and try his best on his own to achieve his best results and climb on the OSM ranking ...OR...
    b) has the option to try some team work. To create a new Crew or join one and experience some new adventures while being a member of this Crew.
    Note For the b) option to be doable the manager needs to have a minimum experience of 30 matches in total, counting from all the slots.
    Crew is simply a group of managers , maximum 24 members as we speak , that try their best together , united the Crew members learn from each other , evolve in the game , support each other and share fun via Crew Leagues or/and Crew Battles.

  • @qurigh About your second question : The latest Crew Battle system :

            Crew Battles 

    Each Crew Battle lasts only 10 days and it requires 2 different Crews.
    Crew A must select 5 Crew members ( aka Battlers ) to play for the battle and the pc ( OSM engine ) automatically selects the opponent - Crew B .
    The 2 crews play a battle in a league of 10 Clubs/teams and you only play versus the opponent managers, 5 Home games in your field and 5 games Away. No Cup matches involved during the battle league.
    The Crew that gets the best results , highest scoring points is the winner of the Battle. 😄

    The benefit of being a member of a Crew ? It's really up to each manager my friend. It's all about sharing fun with your friends, having mutual goals in the game or even making new friends and try new adventures as a member of a team and not as s single sportsman anymore. 😉

    Note : If you and your friends ever decide to try the Crew Life then have a look at this topic too : https://forum.onlinesoccermanager.com/topic/74/crews-crew-recruitment?page=1
    Unless you will start with a brand new Crew that one of you guys will decide to create , choose name etc...

    Best of luck Benni ! ✌