• My account (synomax) is suspended and I can't log in anymore. My little brother has the same problem. I just found out that it's not allowed to have multiple accounts, and I guess that's where it went wrong. I created an account for my little brother so he could play, but the username I chose was Synomax1. Not knowing that's impossible to change it later. I guess someone reported me who thought I was managing both accounts. Can my account be restored?
    As for my brother, is it possible to let him create a new account and give him back his coins? He doesn't mind losing progress, he only cares about his coins since he hasn't been playing that long yet.

  • English Moderator


    To appeal a locked account, log on to the account on via the website and you'll find the option to appeal.

    Lock/Suspension/Appeal will never be discussed on forums.