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    I know there have been tonnes of posts about fantasy leagues, but I dont understand. You guys have been saying for nearly 3 years now that they WILL be coming back. But, surely it's been too long. It cant take 3 years to get fantasy leagues back in the game, surely? Please, I would really appreciate it if a moderator could get back to me.

    Thank you!

    Also, please don't just tell me that they "will be back in the game but we dont know when". A short explanation as to why they aren't around yet would be appreciated. Thanks again.

  • @xelasehguh Hi, welcome.
    We never said that it would be back on short term.
    It already has been explained seveal times why, it needs to be build from scratch.
    Our awnser will not change, since we won't provide any time frames.
    When it's time for fantasy league to return an official announcement will be made.