• How can i get more cash?

  • @javierdelrio Hello & welcome to the OSM World forum. 🙂

    To answer to your question, think of 3 things :

       Financial Management on OSM

    1⃣ Stadium Capacity , meaning the increase of your funds from Gate receipts during each Home match.
    alt text

    2⃣ Bank deposit$ of your any Club funds before each simulation. Click on your Club funds icon >> transfer your money to your bank , aka little piggy, and after the simulation is completed you'll get your part of interest.

    3⃣ Transfer List & Special Offers ( generally good bargains of players ) Buy cheap - Sell expensive! That's the best way to increase your Club funds in every league you play !! 👍

    4⃣ Of course we have the Sponsors for every Club. Make sure you always choose the Sponsors that give you the maximum cash for your Club funds. 😉