What happened to my Coins?

  • Hi there,
    I've had over 3.000 Coins or more and I just ended with the Scottish League.
    I wasn't online for 2-3 days or so and now I'm in another league.
    The stadium was upgraded to all the latest.

    But what happened with my Coins? Wo put me to another league without my permission?
    Who upgraded the stadium (maybe with my coins idn?)

    Just wanna know how this happened and where my coins are gone.

  • Maybe somebody knew your password and did this changes? I don't think this could happen suddenly.

  • Looks like your account got hacked. Change your password to a new one.

  • @levent-kjaer Hi, welcome.

    This sounds like someone have has had access to your account, because you'll need human interaction to join leagues etc.

    I really would like to advice you to change password right away, when there are any socials linked you also have to change those passwords.

    Make sure that you're also the only one that has access to the email linked, if not sure then you'll better change that too.

  • I'm pretty sure that nobody has access to my account and my password.
    Nobody knows that I'm playing here and nobody knows my password. If somebody knows it, then I'm sure that there is a security issue here on OSM.

  • @levent-kjaer Hi, sorry but there's no security issue from our side.
    Unfortunately there's nothing more that can be done about this issue, exept for the things that we already adviced to you.