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    So i amde a new competition for me and my friends, and i put it on lock so they can choose there clubs before i open the comp for any other.
    So how is it than possible that somebody still picked the team. Before my friends took the team.

    Is its possible that the players who has barca now can get out of my league.
    And that the the manager who has real can be changed to barca. Because that was the team who he had picked amongst our friends.

    435767 is my leaguenumber.

  • English Moderator


    It's not possible for anyone to join your league if it's locked, unless you left it open by mistake or it was open for some seconds which on database could be like 10 minutes.

    And sorry, it's not possible to kick managers out of the league unless they go inactive for 72hours hours or more. It's also not possible to switch teams between managers.