[Bug] Gate receipts only including the money from the capacity expansion

  • Hi,

    I opened a topic about this a few days ago, but it was closed because it was not done in the correct way. Since the problem persists, I'm opening a new one.

    I began playing OSM about 2 weeks ago and in the last 5 (five) home games, the gate receipt I got is extremely low - in fact, I think i'm only getting the extra money came from the stadium capacity expansion:


    As you can see, The capacity is in Level 1, meaning I have a 360m bonus in the gate receipt. In the next 3 screenshots you can see the money income from 2 different and recent home games and 1 from a cup game (neutral stadium (in all of them I already the stadium capacity in level 1):




    As you can see, Sponsors Money + Fixed Income is almost = Total Income. The money left is always around 360m, meaning that if my stadium capacity was in level 0, I wouldn't get any money from the gate receipt at all. In the cup game with neutral stadium, the money left for the game receipt was around 180k.

    So: is this a bug or am I not understanding something? Thank you.

    Login: Teles Pinto

    Account: ???

    League Number: I don't know...

    Date & Time of the bug:
    1 June 2019 around 21:30 GMT (after my home game)
    31 May 2019 around 21:30 GMT (after a cup game)
    29 May 2019 around 21:30 GMT (after my home game)
    and at least 2 other occasions I'm not sure when

    I play almost exclusively in the Android app OSM 3.4.29
    Android version: 7.0 NRD90M
    Redmi Note 4

  • Moderator NL


    You should try updating the OSM app to version 3.4.30, since that is the latest version of the Android app. Perhaps that might solve the issue of not getting the income from the ticket sales.

  • Hello,

    I updated the app to 3.4.30 version, but that didn't solve the problem: home game today and only 360m from the gate receipt (came from the level 1 stadium capacity)...

    6 home games in a row not getting the money from the tickets... Any ideas? If you need more informations about this, I can provide you