• Today I received a message noticed me that both of my game accounts were banned. My banned accounts are shaospy and spyshao. My friend came to my house for visit these days. He was interested in OSM and wanted to join me. So I gave one of my accounts to him and join the same league. Today he will leave and the account will also be with him in the future.

    I almost play OSM everyday. Please lift the ban of these two accounts. Thanks.

  • English Moderator

    @edward-zhou Hello mate....bans aren't to be discussed on the forums...and having 2 accounts is against the rules...simple....you can make your objections to email: En.support@onlinesoccermanager.com

  • Just to add you really should start reading our terms, because you've just explained several reasons that are against osm terms.

    The one from multi accounts is clear and if you'll read term 4 then you will find that babysitting accounts isn't allowed, neither is giving away an account.