• I've send you some emails but you dont answer me.

    I've lost my password please help me!!!

  • My account is Bolgvs and I've sent some emails but they dont answer me, please help.

    Yesterday I wrote an email to, asking for a password change, and they answered me but the problem continous.

    I have been told that my account is linked to Facebook but when I go in it does not leave me.

    Please, if you can solve the problem, if you want more data, I had about 1112 tokens, because I watch the 9 videos every hour and I make captures of players and results.

    Please, if you can solve the problem and give me a new password, they would do me a favor ...

    With photos of my leagues included in, help please...

  • @nicotanga Hi, welcome.
    So you think it's wise to create a new account which is very much against osm terms for any reason. It's to be adviced that you remove this account pronto, you can't have more then one account.

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