• Hello, I am a player of this application. and I created another account to have 2 and wanted to sell some players but I could not because I had to register my GMAIL but as I did not have and the "Yanpier Santos" account does not have verified mail, what I did is that my account "Yanpier Santos" was with my Facebook account and what I did was to crush one option to change the account to the other.

    Well I hope you help me and can give me my account that is called: Yanpier saints

  • English Moderator


    First, note that this is the international forum so only English language is allowed in here and no other languages. So I removed the part of your post that is Spanish.

    Senconly, it seems like you have no idea what the terms say, so you really have to start reading our terms before you start loosing more than just an account and all your hard work.
    On point three of the OSM Terms, it clearly states: that having more than one OSM account for any reason is prohibited and could lead to permanent lock of account(s), so does illegal transfers.

    So you have to decide which account you like to keep and then delete ALL your multi's. After that, if you still need assistance setting mail on the account you decide on keeping then send a mail to either the Spanish or English support team via mail.
    ES.support@onlinesoccermanager.com (your message must be in Spanish Language)
    EN.support@onlinesoccermanager.com (your message must be in English Language)
    with a detailed explanation of the issue and also include your manager name in the mail.