Cheaters and Illegal Transfers

  • There are 2 blatant cheaters on my league. **** manager uses another account to manage **** and sells his players max price to that team. He is also cheating on his alt accounts. He manages **** in **** and he is using 2 OTHER ACCOUNTS to manage **** and ****, he sells them players for max price AGAIN.

    Not done yet, ALSO the manager of **** is using **** with another account to transfer players for max price TOO!

    I reported the **** manager almost 3 days ago and there is NO ACTION taken in my league. I drew against **** because he is cheating to get good players and I'm here trying to get players playing by rules.


  • @idecided Hi mate

    Cheatings will never be discussed or reported/handled through forums. When it takes longer that means that there's a delay and they will do their best to handle it as soon as possible.

    Kind Regards

  • @lirind I can understand there may be delays but I don't want this to be unseen. I can only report 1 player at a time, when I try to report the other cheater it says "League is already under investigation". I don't know whether they only check the players I tell them or they investigate the whole league. And because of the delay I lost 2 points to a cheater today and I will have a match tomorrow with the other cheater. I'm losing points and possibly championship because of 2 very obvious cheaters. I don't want only one of them getting banned. I want both of them to get banned.

  • @lirind Like it's very obvious, even a little kid can see it in seconds. His nickname is **** in his main account and his other fake accounts which he uses to cheat has like **** or **** in it. It's him cheating with multiple accounts. They don't have normal nicknames and they login within same hour:minute and same platform.

  • Hi, welcome.
    As most of our community members know, we will not discuss cheating/handle it via our forums.