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    English moderator SUPERNOVA 8 made it impossible for me to respond to this:

    Hello and welcome to the forum. 🙂

    Judging from your post it looks like you are probably upset by a certain offer coming from your Business Club. I respect that but please keep in mind a few facts about the Business Club. Like :

    Sponsors and offers have nothing to do with OSM and Gamebasics.
    Offers are there for ages and thousands of users apply to them on a daily basis. But of course , not all offers are the same.
    While accessing some of those websites/offers, if a user wants to get the free BCs has to provide same data as on OSM, or else is not able to receive the free BCs rewards. But that is a personal choice for each one of us on OSM.
    So please make sure you read everything there is in those Sponsored Offers before you decide to proceed or not with them.
    Filling in a form that websites will use for stats, advertise products, opens doors to tons of advertisings etc, etc...
    We should all read carefully what we are accepting in exchange for those Boss Coins ! 😉

    You are mistaken, I am not "upset by a certain offer", I am upset at 90% of these offers being scams.

    -Completing a survey before being told I am not eligible for the survey.
    -Being lied to about what exactly needs doing and being sent from site to site to register for things with no end and of course, no reward.
    -Being hounded day and night by phone and by email. (I have had to change my phone number for the first time in over 10 years).
    -Complaints being answered in exactly the same way and in a way that makes absolutely no sense.

    Maybe somebody at OSM should take responsibility and help to stop YOUR customers being harassed and cheated like this?