This game is ruined by cheaters

  • My league has been under investigation for almost 20 days. I guess you're going to ban the cheaters after the league ends or you will never ever ban them? I don't understand how hard it could be to investigate and spot illegal transfers? I saw another topic which said in his league cheater was banned after 5 days only for him to create another account and overtake that boosted team again. Is this how you treat your customers these days Gamebasics? There should be an update to stop cheaters. Disallow transfers between teams in the same league and disallow joining to a league after the league has started. I don't want to wait 20 days to get cheaters banned in my league. It's getting more frusturating each day because they continue to cheat every day and they delete the accounts they've cheated on afterwards. Like how do you even allow this kind of stuff on a game which has been up for like 2 decades now. Please a staff from Gamebasics read this!

  • @return-of-kondogbia Hi, welcome.
    Well I can a sure you it's not a walk in the park.
    We are doing the best we can and situations may come up which can cause some delay, but if they are really cheating they will get caught at the end.