• in lords mobile application, although I have completed all my boss coins did not come

    Please respect labor OSM administration

    Upgrade Castle 14
    Upgrade Castle 13
    Upgrade Castle 12
    Upgrade Castle 11

    ![alt text](![3_1561722550458_Screenshot_20190628-144838_OSM.jpg](Uploading 100%) ![2_1561722550458_Screenshot_20190628-141611_Lords Mobile.jpg](Uploading 100%) ![1_1561722550458_Screenshot_20190628-141556_Lords Mobile.jpg](Uploading 100%) ![0_1561722550452_Screenshot_20190628-141521_Lords Mobile.jpg](Uploading 100%) image url)

  • For one single app you can only get bc for once and once only. Usually before you start an offer for the same app, it will say in the requirements that you must be a NEW user. Existing users of that app won't get rewarded if you have completed a second offer for the same app.

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    Pity to the labor

  • @mryunnus Hi mate

    Hi mate

    Offers from Business Club are responsibility of OSM partners. For more, click on the link common-questions, you have this and as a topic on the support forum


    Kind Regards