Can't sell player from scout

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    One of my crew mate can't sell his player from scout (on picture: "You can't sell this player, because you just bought from another manager").
    It's really annoying! You can't predict from the three players brang, which is from manager and which is not. Okay, now is promotion and you can bring another player in 2 hours (in case you have money), but what is this?
    And if you want to hear another interesting thing in two days, this is the fourth same situation.

    What is the solution?
    You know, you can't wait one day in an ofiicial championship to have the chance to sell your player bought for x money and 15 coins!


  • @realmadridorsiika Hi, welcome.
    Unfortunatly to provide support, your crewmate needs to come to this forum open a new topic, fill in the complete bug template that can be found here: important-info-please-read