Accidentally ‘immediately’ sold a player for boss coins

  • Hey,

    I accidentally ‘immediately’ sold a player for 33M in exchange for 5 boss coins. I did NOT mean to do this, and the player is Toby Alderweireld which moved to Lazio.

    It happened because of the mobile website, which glitches alot on my phone. I can’t use the app because it logs me in on my old account and I can’t find a way to log out, hence why I use the browser.

    Can this transfer PLEASE be UNDONE? I spent alot of time and some real money in this team!

    Thanks in advance

  • English Moderator


    Sorry, but this is something that is not possible. Also there's always a confirmation message when you click it the first time so you should have cancelled the transfer. Try to be more careful next time.