• hi everyone. Yesterday I gave 400 tokens and started a italian League and inveted friends but an another manager came and signed 8 teams together. I mean its so obvious that ***** i and other 7 teams are under his control. for example ***** sold *****(value 18M) for 13.4m and ***** sold ***** (value 11.9M) to ***** for 29.6M. And its goes and goes and goes same thing for other teams to. İ reported this manager but I wanna send some ticket how may I do it pls heeeelp

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    Cheating will never be discussed/reported/handled through forums. If you suspect someone of cheating then go to their manager profile and use the report cheater tool which you can find there.
    You can always send a mail to en.support@onlinesoccermanager.com if you need to add more proofs.