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    I asked why I couldnt add a friend, apparently its because were on different servers: me: TheOfficialGoat(english server), he: TroyWijnen(dutch server). Since idk why I couldnt reply on the reply to my question why I couldnt add him, I firstly want to know how I can reply to replies, and I have a few more questions. We both live in holland so how did I end up in english servers? Is that because my phone language is set as english? And my last question is if it is possible for me(TheOfficialGoat) to change to a dutch server and how I can do that.


  • @theofficialgoat Hi, welcome.
    You both are playing on different versions of the Game Nl and world.
    It wasn't possible for you to respond because we close the topics after we awnser the question, since this isn't an discussion forum.

    It's most likely that settings from ios are on World, reason why you've created an account on world instead of NL

    Go to phone settings-apps-osm and check if it's on world.
    If it's on world then change it to NL and you will be able to create a new account on the Dutch version.

    Since it are two seperate versions it's allowed to own 1 NL account and 1 World account.