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    Hello, my nickname is Tiago M Sousa on OSM. Just passing by to ask a question, since this is the first time I'm playing OSM on a computer and I can access the Forum. I'm a little bored and with less time to keep playing. Stopping for a while and then coming back would be a good idea and would also help me. I want to delete my account so I don't remember logging in as it was already a habit, playing once a day. Is there any possibility to recover my account when I have more time and come back? Do I lose something if I do it? I hope someone can explain this to me. Have a nice day and a good game for everyone!

  • @tiago-m-sousa Hi, welcome.
    If you delete your account then that's a final decision and not able to reverse it.
    So it's not a very good idea to do that if there's a possebillity that you want to return.
    The best thing you can do is just become inactive, that way you can always return when you feel like it.

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    @hespera Hi!
    If the best and only way to do it is to be inactive, then there is nothing I can do better than that.
    Anyway, I'll keep playing whenever I can, because it's a game that I identify myself with, especially because I've always been a football fan.

    Thanks for the help, enjoy your day and keep up the good work 😃

  • You're welcome, then this topic can be closed now.