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    @ahmad-riyad-98 Hello Ahmad & welcome to the OSM game and the English forums. :relaxed:

    You are using your browser to log in ? Facebook says your game profile.
    So please follow these steps mate :

    First - Log out from OSM and Facebook, then
    Refresh your browser info by pressing CTRL+F5, and also
    Delete all of your recent history , cookies, your cache/temporary Internet Files (manually or using a software like CCleaner)
    Re - loggin to your OSM account, but please if you use any ad-blocker you must disable it while playing your game.

    I will be waiting for your news after you are done with these steps. :ok_hand_tone2:

    If after completing the above you still face the same problem then we will need from you to fill in a Bug Report with every detail of your problem and we definitely could use any screen shots taken from your account.

    Now... How do we present a full Bug Report?

    Please follow this link to find all the useful infos and guidelines -https://forum.onlinesoccermanager.com/topic/308/important-info-please-read/3

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