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  • Hey, I'm playing OSM with my Macbook. I'm wondering how I can do the match experience because I can do that only when my match is finished and I didn't see the result

  • Match experience is the amount of matches you have managed a team, so one up every day.

  • Romanian Moderator

    Hi mate!
    On your OSM settings, you have been set up Match Experience on the ON?

  • @kings-dutza Good morning, sorry but I have the same problem as the person above. I can't watch the games until after they finish, and I'd love to enjoy them when they're going on.

    I have seen your comment that in settings you can activate the option, but I started looking to see if it accommodated to be able to see them and nothing appeared to me

  • Hi, welcome guys.

    Keep in mind that this is a simulation game and it's not possible to watch the match live when it's going on.

    The only option that we'll have is match experience, that you can watch when simulations are done.

    You can watch match experience on web and apps (optional to turn it on or off)

  • @hespera Good afternoon

    Mm, my question was: How could I watch the simulation of the match live, without waiting for the match to end?

    Sorry if I did not understand very well in the post, but good. You say that configurations will accommodate that, but I enter configurations and the option does not appear, so you could help me a little more. it's possible?

  • You didn't understand it, it's not possible to watch it live at all. You'll have to do it with the option that we'll have at this point.

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