• English Users

    This game is absolute gobshite, my players are on the transfer list ever since preseason Day 4 till matchday 1 now and i am yet to sell any of my players. I am also selling them for a reasonably low price whereas my friends are able to sell their players for exceptionally high prices easily and quickly. What **** is this? I have been facing this situation for around 4-5 seasons. I am thinking of finally quitting this game as even when i spend money on coins to open leagues, I still can’t sell my **** players so I don’t see a point to still play on.

  • Romanian Users

    I understand your upset, but we are many in the same situation. The sales algorithm remains a mystery. It must be seen why your colleagues sell players and you don't sell.

  • Hi, welcome.

    There's never a garanty that players will be sold fast, the same goes for everyone.
    You could try to remove them from transferlist and then put them back on again.

    I also would like to remind you that you're asking for help on our forums here and no matter how high the frustrastion is you should watch your language.