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  • Greetings to all managers.

    Panama has supported the proposal since the day it was presented. And as mentioned, this was a "proposal" at least we expected that the organization will pronounce it on a polite way and not an arrogant one.
    Everyone here is member of the OSM community and as such we deserve respect. Leading a national team is not easy. We only ask for Mutual respect; Conversation in which respect prevails.

  • Spanish Moderator

    Would you be willing to have about 16 National teams withdraw from the tournament for not evaluating this point they are raising?
    I see that it is a resounding no, but I consider that they could evaluate it in more detail.

    In the end, although the tournament is called Wold Nations Tournament, it is the selections that give the tournament prestige. You were official community organizers and unofficial. Do you know the diference..

    I would expect you to take a little more of your time to evaluate this and see what the rest of the selectors have to say ... The idea is to include all the selections in the world, right? That's why it's a world cup, with that kind of response I think you could generate an exclusion. And the exclusion is participates who has money for the coins! The rest does not matter.

  • @zecoxp #LetTheTacticsMakeTheRealDifference

  • French Moderator

    @robfer15 I disagree with you sorry, but it's a anofficial tournament. If it was an official tournament, all the options will be active. five years i play osm, and always, in the bigest tournament, there are 4 TC. Now, what is the problem?

  • Banned


  • Banned


    That it has always been that way does not mean that it is the right thing to do 4TC is too much there are players who receive 10TC as you know

    Where is the strategy in that? How do you show who is better in tactics?

  • French Moderator

    @gabi-umpierrez you show us in our battle, on 8 TC, you counter 5....You have a very good tactic!

  • Italian Moderator

    but I don't understand the fashion to criticize a regulation format. if you don't like it, don't participate.

  • We cannot say who can do more and who can do less!

    I can return the same comment, nobody can decide who can do more or less using only 2 training camps. What is won is a global competitive inclusion and that favors the tournament.

    In any competition, the rules are set and who can participate. No tournament fits the reality of one or the other.

    Correct, there are rules, and the participants, the nations of the world, to whom the tournament is due are expressing themselves on this issue and for now they are leaving us much to be desired.

    "If your nation can't, don't use it! No nation is required to use or participate!"

    "If you can't spend 500-600 coins per battle in a high level tournament, sorry, but you are not able to play it!"

    "if you don't like it, don't participate."

    These answers are very bad coming from an organization that represents the most prestigious world tournament in our international community. Do you really prefer that the third part of the world withdraw before taking into account our opinions?

    as we say, let the tactics make the real difference in battles, why should they fear?

    Upon his response of "If you don't like it then don't participate. You are not obliged to participate." Ok, we inform you that we are registered and cannot suggest that we leave the tournament or disqualify ourselves for disagreeing with a rule.

    Will it be possible to receive a response at the height of our request? I remind you that your answer is not only for me and my country, it is for a group of 15 nations that support the request.

  • @zecoxp Guys, what is the problem? I agree with official position of organization of tournament - if you don't want you can skip it... This is classical tournament with 4 TC (as WCC or CC). This is most honest and most interesting formation, because power of your tactic will be show than you will stop away TC without any TC... For that reason i think WNT, WCC and CC should be played with 4 TC for all time...
    As example it will be very strange in real life if football club whants play in Champions League, but can't allow spend money to flight from Russia to Portugal ))) So all who whants play in WNT should decide to himself - follow the rules, or go away...
    Anyway i wish you luck and good results in WNT!

  • I kinda agree with Serggio roronoa

    • TC's are an important strategical and tactical part.

    In a battle, personally I love calculating when are the best moments to put a TC/ST and also who should win in an intra-match. I find that TC's + intra-matches are the 2 most important parts concerning the strategy.

    Concerning the tactics, they do not avoid being strong tactically, and we already have had soooo many examples of that. For instance, in the battle I'm currently playing, 13 TC's out of 29 have been already countered. That's almost the half. Serggio also gave another example happening right at the moment (5 out of 8 countered). So do you still think that TC's block tactics?

    • However, I find it great that everyone can express itself, and that we shouldn't neglect one's opinion, especially if many people share the same. Moreover, I totally understand the Boss Coins concerns.

    But I'm afraid this "#LetTheTacticsMakeTheRealDifference" is only an excuse, because TC do not block being tactical at all, it's even an important tactical & strategical part.

    Personally, I wish we could play without the scout haha This guy is the real hole for Boss Coins, holy osm 🤣

  • Spanish Moderator

    I have noticed a clear lack of empathy from various sectors of the OSM community.

    I have two questions to ask:

    1-How many selections will not be able to participate if the 4 training camps are still valid?

    2-How many selections will not be able to participate if there is a reduction of 2 training camps?

    If 16 teams do not play the tournament, I assure you that the tournament will lose prestige

  • @doman7 said in WNT 2019/2020 (English only):

    I have noticed a clear lack of empathy from various sectors of the OSM community.

    I have two questions to ask:

    1-How many selections will not be able to participate if the 4 training camps are still valid?

    2-How many selections will not be able to participate if there is a reduction of 2 training camps?

    If 16 teams do not play the tournament, I assure you that the tournament will lose prestige

    I agree with you bro 👌🏻

  • Spanish Moderator

    I don't think it's a good answer to say that if you don't agree, you can leave (by some people) without having the delicacy of analyzing the request (even if the answer is negative)

  • Total support for Colombia's comment.

  • Banned

    On the part of the selections that signed the petition, the aim was to reach a conversation and an analysis by the tournament organization, which generated a lot of trouble was the way to respond to the request from the organization, "this is so and it is not going to change "is not the way to answer an organized and so widespread request. It is a tournament in which the participants who are the ones who spend do not have a voice or vote.

  • Good day guys.

    First of all I'd like to say, that this is a forum and everybody can share his/her opinion, suggestions, proposals etc. Discussions like brainstorming are always good for development. For that I appreciate thoughts by ES Community.

    But guys, you shared your proposals, the organizers replied you. And that must be the end of this discussion. Forcing people in private messages, hashtagging here like let tactic makes real difference is not a way to force people change their mind. Here is already explained training camps are the only things, that define who win in the battle. You said you have no problem with boss coins. So what is the real problem? Is it only about to sabotage this kind of competition? If you are confident about your tactics so go ahead and prove it on the pitch. Every manager has 4 TCs so I don't think that there is any unfairness here.

    Also... @Zecoxp is talking above about disrespect against 15 national teams. Okay. If you consider reply by organizers disrespect, so what about downvoting managers posts, who are not agree with you and with your thoughts by your petition team? Is it respectful from your side?

    I hope there are adequate managers among ES Community and they support constructive discussions of this problem, not destructive as forcing people, sabotaging competition and downvoting people's posts.


  • @gabi-umpierrez To answer your post want say only one thing - "еven Real Madrid can't change rules of Champions League or football like a game. It should agree or not participate". So i think it time to close this discussion.

  • @triarius Neither is Real Madrid, much less the Champions League.

  • Using 4 fields is too much Uruguay participates in the WNT since 2016 with 4 training camp we always never made any comments about the rules, today we live in another era with the coins and it is complicated, to the organization if they cannot consider 2 training camp at least download the 4 to 3 TC il 4 TC is very expensive and there are 3 battles in phase groups + scout and if you pass other training expenses phase at least reduce 1 TC.

    we do not know if we will participate in this edition with 4 fields again last year there was the same problem and this time it is on the rise they would have to listen to the proposals of other countries we are talking that it is a world cup you have to think a little more and organize things very well .

    We will analyze the proposal of the organization and with my colleagues we will decide whether to participate or not afterwards based on what is done or not, greetings

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