WNT 2019/2020 (English only)

  • Final result

    🇧🇾 Belarus 1072-1265 India 🇮🇳
    Confirmed by @Астрахан
    Thank you for this great battle mate and good luck for future battles 👍
    It's quite a shame there are some quality teams getting eliminated in this early phase.

    alt text

  • @Palestine-9 You may be right but to qualify as a very bad organization is daring, you should have spoken since before the battle, on the other hand I agree that the draw could have been made with pots which I suggest for the draw of the group stage.

  • @Datalcar

    Sorry, yes, I had to talk before the battle
    But I had left the game for 3 months and I recently returned only a week ago .. You can also check this on my profile
    I gave the responsibility for Palestine team to a new responsible
    Under these circumstances, the team had to play such a difficult battle in order to play in WNT
    I am very sad and apologize for the reaction

  • @Palestine-9 I agree on your point that friendlies and other tournament results should also be considered along with previous WNT editions. There are many teams who have worked hard over the past year playing many battles and other regional tournaments all just for it to not be considered for the biggest world tournament and had to go through play-offs based on the last two editions. I hope the organization consider a better qualification criteria for the next edition so these friendlies and other tournaments don’t get ignored and they mean something.

  • Polish Moderator

    Remember that you are taking part in a tournament to win it, and if you want to win it, you must beat everyone. Then it doesn't matter who you play in the playoffs, you just have to win them. This year failed. Good luck next year.

  • @Byku-Duma-Warmii
    We play to win.
    It hapened and we are out.
    It was avery good batlle.
    It is just about what is right and fair. We are better and better.
    The organizers didnt want to do it best.
    We spoke a lot but they just go on.
    In this tournament is it so and if you speak you are afraid.
    So just keep on.

  • @Byku-Duma-Warmii

    I don't participate in the tournament to win it
    I want to achieve positive results for my country and compete with the strongest teams
    This is not justified. In the same case you can make Brazil play against Netherlands and come out one of them without playing a single battle in WNT
    Do you think this is a good proposal?

  • @عوض-دنقل said in WNT 2019/2020 (English only):

    alt text

    Man, there is a rule. Firstly you should request a confirmation from the captain of the opponent, then publish the battle result. We call it good manner. Maybe I don't confirm yet. Maybe I am calculating points right now. You didn't send me anything for confirmation.

    Anyway, congrats and good luck.

  • I usually respect every organization as I know it is hard job and participants always find mistakes. However, this time I have to agree with people who find the organization poor. The tournament haven''t started so late yet as this year, several managers thought that probably it won't be held this year. This wasn't a problem for me neither.
    The problem was that there where informations late. Less than a week before the start there were no informations about the format of the tournament or about the opponent. I thought that probably not the first battle will be the most important. That's why I haven't brought two of my best players. 5 days before the start I couldn't bring them as they were already playing crew battle. That was one of the causes we couldn't came through the first phase. If I could tell them that this will be the most important battle for us sooner and we would have more luck, probably we could have chance and the battle wouldn't be so clear since the start.
    Second problem: the draw of the battles was a joke, several countries from one continent against each other and there were pairings from which both teams where stronger than from other pairing both.
    Third problem: When 5 days before the start I criticised that there are no informations, my post got deleted as I said something not connecting to the tournament. No answers in message from Adilmo, from hasid answers in posts like soon. I'm happy that last year we couldn't participate because of my health problems because he made completely mess of the start of the tournament, for example the qualifying round which wasn't needed in the end.
    If the things stay the same, I think this was the last time we played at WNT, I will be looking for next year again for an EURO tournament or any international tournament. We want to play a tournament with a correct organization.
    That's my opinion about it.

  • Arabic Moderator

    Hi all

    Next round : 0c9d9942-4de5-469a-ab06-8ece1e315bfc-image.png

    The rest of the details will be published soon..

  • @Sir-Varga-Sándor


    I apologize, but I was with my sick son for several days and couldn't take care of it.

    We are 3 managers from totally different countries trying to organize this. Sorry if you are not happy!

    The draw was as fair as possible and if you saw how it was done, you know it was totally without any interference!

    Well, if you have free time, join us! Maybe the tournament doesn't get better !?

  • @Adilmo-Rocha

    I know that, everybody has problems in life, I had surgery two weeks ago during our battle, last year I was more in hospital than at home. But that's why there is three of you. I was organizing last year the EURO with Marjan till I got injured. After it he solved the tournament alone. If you don't manage it there, ask others too for helping in organization.
    I have seen the video but to my opinion pots would be better choice. The ranking after the automatically participating teams had in this case no meaning.
    As I first said, my biggest problem was that there weren't informations in time about the first round. I think that should be the minimum. I think that even for the big teams it will be important to know in time that they are playing first battle against for example Portugal or Costa Rica.
    I respect the job of organizers but this year till now I didn't like it.

  • @Datalcar said in WNT 2019/2020 (English only):

    I do not know if, in a future, could make qualifiers by zones or by ranking, between the months of January to September (while the playoffs are played, the eliminated nations can play qualifiers for the next World Nations Teams), to avoid that in a only duel decide who qualifies or not, so avoid the best teams are eliminated by facing each other in a single battle, you have my support to organize this.

    Coincidentally, I had said this before the qualifiers battles, the ideal would be to create qualifying rounds that could start at the end of the group stage, divided by geographical areas or by draws, making a single match qualifying may be somewhat unfair but that is what was accepted in this edition.

    I could help organize these next qualifiers system

  • @Sir-Varga-Sándor

    We set up a ranking based on the last two editions of WNT. We raffled the position of unrated nations. We crossed the best placed against the worst placed.

    Other than that, we can't do much different!

    One of ours has also been absent besides me and Mohamed does not have much experience yet, despite being always active.

    Anyway, we are here as volunteers and we are not responsible for how each nation organizes its selection.

    We accept help and suggestions. Hug!

  • @Datalcar

    Search me privately if you want to help.

  • Spanish Moderator

    final result, it has been a complicated battle, I want to congratulate my team, which gave the best of each one, but I also want to congratulate the rival, the national team of Ecuador, they have been a very difficult opponent, unfortunately one of the two, I had to be eliminated, it does not seem fair, I hope you can find a different form of classification, because teams like Ecuador, deserve to be in this tournament.

    COL VS ECU.jpg

  • Arabic Moderator

    @andresoke said in WNT 2019/2020 (English only):

    Final score Moldova-Palestine

    The result is not confirmed yet by the captain of the Palestine team
    Nevertheless we would like to thank them for a very exciting battle which holded to the very last games,they truly are a great team,it really is a pitty that only one of us can qualify to the next stage

    @Moh-Ismael-Moh said in WNT 2019/2020 (English only):

    It was a very good battle.
    You worth won it.
    The final result is 41 to Moldova.
    I hope you will go far at the tournament.

    We've already mentioned that there's a penalty for the Moldovan team. penalty -100

    @andresoke My friend, Please accept that, you know the reason for this punishment, we don't need to mention anything here.

    Good luck to everyone.

  • Polish Moderator

    This was the draw, no one had any influence on it. Sometimes it's just that you hit a heavy opponent, but as I wrote earlier, if we want to play with the best we have to beat the best. And in this category we can consider your play-off duel.

  • Arabic Moderator

    • Results of battles

    🇸🇩 Sudan 🆙 🆚 Azerbaijan 🇦🇿
    🇧🇴 Bolivia 🆚 Lebanon 🇱🇧 (No result) ❌ @florida5 - @محمد-المحمد_11
    🇨🇴 Colombia 🆙 🆚 Ecuador 🇪🇨
    🇨🇱 Chile 🆚 Paraguay 🇵🇾 (No result) ❌ @catupecu_machu - @HUGATO07
    🇮🇷 Iran 🆚 Libya 🇱🇾 🆙
    🇭🇷 Croatia 🆚 Peru 🇵🇪 🆙
    🇦🇪 UAE 🆚 Slovakia 🇸🇰 (No result) ❌ @TaysoRetO / @wld-zayid - @Sir-Varga-Sándor
    🇲🇩 Moldova 🆙 🆚 Palestine 🇵🇸
    🇻🇪 Venezuela 🆙 🆚 El Salvador 🇸🇻
    🇲🇽 Mexico 🆚 Panama 🇵🇦 🆙
    🇨🇷 Costa Rica 🆙 🆚 Honduras 🇭🇳
    🇧🇾 Belarus 🆚 India 🇮🇳 🆙

  • @Adilmo-Rocha
    That's proof of how random & disastrous the organization has been.
    You keep saying that "we cross the best placed against the worst placed"!! does that what really happened? It's a scandal for organizers if you don't know how was the draw actually done!!!
    I talk with one of the organizers about this before "to cross the best placed against the worst placed", but without any result.
    in this picture, the arrows show us, according to what you said, how your draw should be made. otherwise, the colors show us how the draw has already been done.

    we just look forward fair, and that what apparently didn't happen. especially when we talked about how the draw has been made & your misunderstanding for what you relied on for the draw!!! "even as an organizer"

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