Is there still a server problem?

  • I'm having continuous error in the past two days. I can't access my slots because the game keeps acting strange. When i click on any of my slots, it freezes or the page refreshes or it opens something else. It's costing me my games and slowing me down with my gaming experience and ruining my plans. It's so annoying!

    If this is related to recent server issues, please take care of this soon, i would appreciate it because it's literally costing me my games as i can't train or arrange my team properly.

  • English Users

    @unknown-reflection As of today having the exact same problem

  • Spanish Users

    I am having the same problem. It’s almost becoming impossible to buy players, I haven’t sold any player in 3 days (all of them of low value which are the ones that sell the quickest), and has been causing my crew, The George Best America and my teammates from Mexico U-21 squad, a problem and everyone has expressed this concern. Is there a problem still occurring because at this point the game will lose popularity if this problem becomes huge. Also, when they’ve been trying to buy, the game says that the player has been sold already. I hope this problem can be solved as soon as possible.

  • @jhon-goodwilly This is terrible! hopefully they take things under control soon! now the whole [achievement] section also went down to [zero] there is no achievement to unlock and whatever i've unlocked so far is gone. lol