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    This week I couldn't get into my account up to two times. Yesterday I wanted to set up my team but at 7 in the evening (Holland) it stopped functioning just while I was buying a player. At five to 8 (The game is at eight) I could get back on and nervously had to slap my team together. I tried login through 3 different computers. My friend from another town had the same issue. This is very disheartening and discouraging. What's going on? Earlier this week I had to play the same game three times?? If the game does not work can there be at least some sort of notification? My friend lost his game because he couldn't get set up in time. He's rather upset and wants to quit.

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    Sadly, there are some problems with the servers. Gamebasics is aware of the issue and are working on fixing it. In the app you get a notification when you login. Through the website we have this forum where things are communicated. See here for more information.