Nationality bonus and practice match bonus

  • Dutch Users

    Good morning,

    I have a question about the benefits of same nationality players in your line-up and about the progress you make from playing practice matches.
    I read that it is somewhat beneficial to have players in your line-up with the same nationality. How does this work exactly? For example: I know that playing with two central defenders from the same country works well. Does this also works when you play with a leftback and a LCV from the same country? Like Fifa Ultimate Team do they have to play next to each other?

    I noticed that my progress from playing practice matches decline when the league progresses further. I know that the player progress decline when you play more matches per day, but now i also get less progress on my first match. Maybe it has something to do with the quality of my team? Do you guys now how this works?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Portuguese Users

    Hi @Koning-Kwark-VIII_NL ...

    Nationality bônus only exists when you have 6 or more players from the same nationality in your line-up.

    We dont know the power of this bônus... is something like choose a good captian, a good penaltie kicker...

    A friendly match is a good oportunity to study your oponents and test your tactics. As well as you grow your players overall!!!

    Advice, 3 friendlies per day is good... More than that you Will be spending BC.