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    I just joined a league that starts in 30 mins and I'm the only manager. The surprising matter is that I joined the league as it said "Pre season days left: 4" or something along those lines.

    My question is, once I resign, should I choose pre season days 1 or 4 to fully benefit of the 4 day pre season?

    I'd much prefer the length of time to be stated in hrs rather than days. I've completed 18 seasons thus far and I still find it confusing.


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    It seems quite clear. Pre season days left 4 should mean anywhere between 72 to 96 hrs before the first game is to start and pre season days left 1 should mean anywhere between 0 mins to 24 hrs. Though thats not always the case with me as I joined a league thats pre season 1 thats 22 hrs away from starting and a pre season days left 4 that was 30 mins away from starting.

    Any advice on the matter would be appreciated.


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    I would always go with the pre-season, lots of time to prepare your club for the upcoming season. But it's really personal preference. You could try doing both.

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    I do want the 4 days of preparation but to do so, I'm not sure which one to go for. As I recently chose pre season days left 4 and it turned out that the first match was due to start after 30 mins..after I had resigned I chose pre season days left 1 and there was 22 hrs left for the first match.

    It seems to be that its contradictory in that it says pre season days left but the figure is based on how many days had passed. I seem to be over complicating a simple matter, I've completed 18 seasons and havent had this issue before. I received advice from an admin that I should go for pre season days left 4 though yesterday a friend of mine joined a season with 94 hrs before the first match and he says it was on pre season days left 1. So I havent got a clue which to choose to maximise the benefit of the pre season.

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