Issue with setting up for next season

  • Dutch Users


    When I tried to set up for next season, I chose Manchester United as my next club. For some reason when I clicked the button to confirm the settings, the menu said: you will be managing Arsenal for the next season. It looks like it jumped to the first club in the dropdown menu.



  • English Users

    Yeah, this happened to me too yesterday. I wanted to be PSG in France but it gave me Amiens, the first team on the list. It used to be that you could change your selections but now the Edit feature doesn't allow you to pick a different team. This, combined with the fact that nobody has bothered to reply, does not impress me much. Looks like I've thrown away 160 Boss Coins and will either have to waste a month playing with a mickey mouse team or stop playing the game altogether, because I certainly don't want to keep blowing my money if I can only manage crap teams.

  • Hi, welcome.

    Unfortunately whithout any evidence in the form of full screens including manager name/date/time stamp that league was set correct there's not much we can do for you.

  • @leroyh46_nl Hi, welcome.
    You're settings are okay, that's just a visual thing.