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    Since I have accidentally signed up for the new European tournaments feature twice with Ajax, and a moderater has told me it is not possible to resign from the team, my questions are:
    (1) What is the minimum time that it will take (in real world days) this slot will be occupied ? Since I will not contest any games, presumably, it will require 6 games before I am knocked out ? So this manger slot will be blocked with a team I don't want to use for 6 weeks ? Is that right ? Or will it be 6 days ?
    (2) Will this negatively impact my manager points ? I know since I will not be playing games in that slot, it will certainly enure I lose all 6 games. Will this reduce my manager points ?

    As a customer, I have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on this game so far, by purchasing boss coins.

    It is disconcerting that I cannot simply retire from the squad. I am very disappointed. I do not want my fourth managerial slot to be occupied for 6 days or worse, 6 weeks (6 games), ie 3 Home and 3 Away games.

    This also means as a relatively new player, I cannot use my fourth manager slot, to explore many of the other features of this game, that I would otherwise be able to view. I'm basically locked into a duplicate European contest that I don't want to play, and that prevents me from managing a new team, outside of the auspices of the European tournament.

    How can I contact the developers, so they can facilitate resignation of the 4th managerial slot (Ajax, European tournament feature), without having to wait for 6 days ?

  • @08kunj Hi, welcome

    1. It will take 6 matches.
    2. There's no negative impact when you resign after knockout, since it will not be added on your profile.

    It's not possible to contact GB to kick you out of the league, just like anyone else who made a mistake like that you'll have to wait till you're knocked out.
    It's users responsebility, to check which team/league they take before hitting the confirmation button.

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    @hespera No problem, thank you for the informative reply. All the best

  • You're welcome, then this topic can be closed now.