Setup to get family member to join OSM and private league

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    Hey guys,
    I did read a lot of posts, but in the end I’m even more unsure than in the beginning. Therefore, I’ve three questions.

    Situation: I’ll finish my league in 2 days, and my family is interested to join the game (they haven’t played and would need to create a new account).
    Question: If I create a new private league and I invite them, will they be able to join even though they have the second slot locked, because they are newbies?

    Situation: I create a new private league, but all the advanced option I’ll leave unchanged.
    Question: How will the Boss Coin payout adapt? How much will it be?

    Situation: I just read something about regions, and I’m confused. I’ve got the Singaporean flag, but I cannot remember choosing a region during setup. My family is not in Singapore.
    Question: What does my family have to consider, when joining OSM, so that they can play with me?

    Thanks in advance for all the answers!
    Kind Regards,

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    • Yes! They can join the league with their second slot once you send them an invitation.
    • The reward system goes: the more advanced tool used while setting up the league, the less amount of boss coins as regards the corresponding manager points will be received. So, if you leave the advanced tools unchanged them you'll get the highest amount of boss coins reward as regards to the number of manager points earned at the end of the season.
    • Your default region has to do with phone settings and IP address. But remember, OSM is called an online game for a reason right? It doesn't matter where you are around the globe, your device just has to be connected to the internet and you're good to go.
      Bottom line, Nothing has to be considered except for time zones of course.
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    Thanks for the fast clarification. I just wanted to be sure and not waste 400 Boss Coins for nothing.

    Have fun playing!

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    Cheers and have fun playing as well.