Is swapping players with managers cheating?

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    Is arranging transfers with managers cheating? Example: Swapping MID of the same quality for a DEF. (Transfers are for simillar amount of money)

    If that is considered cheating it is weird. When I asked somebody to do that he said he is afraid to do it because there is a possibility to get banned.

    In real life that is something normal. Exchanging players + transfer fee should be imo allowed in the game as long as players are similar in quality/transfer fee is enough large.

    Please for answer regarding that topic.

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    No, that's not cheating. There's even achievement for that.

  • Take a few minutes to check OSM Terms. Spend some time understanding Rules nr 7 and nr 8.

    As long as none of the managers involved on the players trading is getting an huge advantage with the deal, sure, it's legal to do it and even encouraged with an achievement.

    I'll give you two examples:
    Fair and acceptable deal:

    • Manager A buys a player from Manager B at 1.5 times it's value. That player is an asset that will improve Manager A Squad. The deal on the other way has to be on similar criteria: improve squad of Manager B and at similar rate, 1,5 times it's value.

    Unfair and Unacceptable deal:

    • Manager A buys a player from Manager B at 2.5 times it's value. That player is an asset that doesn't improve Manager A Squad. Manager B buys a player from Manager A at 0,75% times it's value and that player improves Manager B squad.
      This is unfair and unacceptable, because Manager A gave money to Manager B when purchasing a lousy player by an huge amount and selling a top player the cheapest value possible.

    Hope that this is clear enough!

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