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  • I would like to report that I haven't get any manager point at the end of the season. Can you solve this bug?


  • @Rob3rto_G When looking at your profile, I'll see that you've finished leagues on different slots and on slot 2 you've finished 2 leagues (highest amount of MPs), so that's the slot you'll see via the app, that only will change when you finish a league with slot 2 again.
    You can check out all Slots MPs via website.

  • I'm not sure I understood, so I'll do an example:
    Slot 1: 2000 Points
    Slot 2: 5000 Points
    Slot 3: 4000 Points
    Slot 4: 2000 Points

    Total points that I'll get in ranking are 5000(slot 2)?

  • @Rob3rto_G Every slot has his own seperate ranking, so in fact if you play with 4 slots then you'll have 4 places on ranking.

    So the manager points that you've earned with slot 1 they will endup on slot 1, the same goes for the other slots.

    They are not counted together for the ranking.

    Login via website and check your manager points, you will see that they are all there.

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    @Rob3rto_G Hi,

    Just as @Acantha has explained, take a look at this screenshot below:

    Here you can see all your slots as well as their ranking as regards the amount of manager points they have, which is as a result of the league you used them to participate in. The app only shows the slot with the highest ranking which is currently your slot 2. So the next time you finish a league again on any slot, the app will check and update to the slot with the highest manager points on the ranking.

    Hope this is clear enough?

  • Thank you so much guys.
    I'm not aware about this, but it's clear now.

    Best Regards

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    Cheers buddy 🍻

    Case closed! 🔒

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